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Custom Printed Floors

Are you looking for a special feature to tie your project together? A design component that’s unique to the space and reflects the values or aesthetic of your client? One way to ensure that the space has both visual appeal and one-of-a-kind flair is to install custom printed floors.

In recent years, the technology used by vinyl tile manufacturers has made great advances, and high-resolution images can now be featured as a premium design element. Virtually any type of image can be embedded in the floor design, from natural scenes to corporate logos; from bold abstract splashes of colour to detailed maps; from photos of historical scenes to classical works of art.

Sheet vinyl can compose one huge mural, a beach, for example; or can carry a smaller repeated image, such as a single shell, across a large space. Often, a large team or company logo is placed in the centre of a room; other times smaller versions of the image are positioned throughout the entire area.

Whatever you and your client can imagine can be designed, then transferred to vinyl, in order to transform the space into a unique and distinctive environment, specific to the organization.

Versatile Vinyl

Better manufacturers offer a wide range of options. Vinyl tiles are available in various shapes and sizes, as well as in a near-infinite range of colours and patterns. Woodgrain "planks” are a hot design trend, as are design layouts that use tiles of varying shapes.

Vinyl has made advances in other areas, too. For example, premium companies manufacture products with slip-resistance values that meet or exceed stringent guidelines. Standard tests measure how vinyl performs in both dry and wet conditions, and scores should be easily accessible.

Specialty vinyl tiles are also available for particular circumstances. For example, if you want to feature both vinyl and carpet in the same space, thicker tiles ensure that transitions between the two surfaces will be smooth; you can easily install tile in high-traffic areas and carpet elsewhere. Premium manufacturers also make tiles designed especially for health-care settings. These tiles contain microscopic silver particles that work to combat bacteria, fungus, and mold.

Easy, Durable, and Affordable

In addition to its design capacity and its versatility, vinyl is the most cost-effective flooring choice on the market. This material’s extreme durability means that it will not need to be replaced for many years, and may indeed last as long as the building itself is in use.

Maintenance costs are low, too. Vinyl needs very little maintenance. Most times just sweeping or vacuuming is sufficient, in conjunction with damp mopping with a mild cleanser on a regular basis.

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